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Briar Meads


Briar Meads Capital was formed to acquire loan assets from financial institutions after the 2008 financial crisis.

Since its founding, the firm has evolved into a diversified real estate investment management company.

Briar Meads Capital, together with its strategic partners, has completed more than 70 transactions with acquisition value in excess of $500 million.

About Us

About us



Briar Meads Capital investment objective is to achieve superior risk-adjusted rates of return within the distressed loan market. We seek to identify assets that provide for attractive investments and to leverage our core skills and experience to create value for our stakeholders.


Risk Management: The core of our investment thesis is always to protect against capital loss. Prior to any investment decision, we systematically determine all credible factors that could be detrimental to value. Throughout all our transactions, we have never lost investor capital.


Research-Driven: We always make investment decisions based on facts and identifiable value drivers after thorough analysis of the situation. We derive our viewpoint from rigorous analysis of the specifics rather than a broad view of market factors.


Active Investment: We are active managers in all our investments. Our belief is that having significant influence or control in a process will result in enhancing the value of our investments. Even when investments are performing as (or better than) expected, we continue to closely work with principals to provide appropriate support.


Flexible and Opportunistic: Our primary focus is on investments in smaller markets that are typically overlooked by institutional capital. Moreover, this segment of the market tends to have greater dislocation, providing for more consistent opportunities.



Sidhartha Singh

Sidhartha Singh is the founder of Briar Meads Capital LLC., and focuses on sourcing, analyzing and managing assets acquired by the firm. Before Briar Meads, Sidhartha was a partner at WM Capital Partners for five years where his team acquired over $200 million in book value of loan assets. Sidhartha received his training in the Investment Banking Division of Goldman Sachs in New York where he focused on the execution of Healthcare M&A transactions. Prior to investment banking, Sidhartha worked as a management consultant with PA Consulting Group, based in London.Sidhartha received his MBA from New York University’s Stern School of Business and his master’s degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge.

Seth Berkowitz

Seth Berkowitz joined Briar Meads in 2016 and focuses on sourcing, analyzing, and managing assets acquired by the Firm. Before Briar Meads, Seth worked for Kingsland Capital Management underwriting gaming, leisure, and real estate leveraged loans for the firm’s $2.5 billion collateralized loan obligation (“CLO”) portfolio. Prior to this, Seth was an Associate with CIFC Asset Management, a $14 billion CLO manager. From 2009 – 2012 Seth was a CMBS trader for Storm Harbour Securities.Seth received his JD and MBA from New York University’s School of Law and Stern School of Business and his BA from the University of Rochester.


Sebastian Palazio

Sebastian Palazio joined Briar Meads Capital in 2014 and focuses on working out non-performing loan assets acquired by the firm. Prior to Briar Meads, Sebastian was a partner at Abinger Capital and a Director at WM Capital Partners, where he worked closely with Sidhartha Singh. Sebastian received his MBA from Columbia Business School and his bachelor's degree in Political Science and Economics from Duke University.   

Monika Sliwowski

Monika Sliwowski joined Briar Meads Capital in 2018 and focuses on managing operations to ensure organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Before Briar Meads, Monika worked as a Director of Client Services for a restoration firm and focused on strategizing their business development in the Northeast. Prior to this, Monika worked for a Property Management and Development company based out of Brooklyn where she was the Director of Operations, spearheading an inhouse rental team that proceeded to act as a "No Fee" broker for a large portfolio of landlords. Monika received her BA from Hunter College in English. 

Angela Guarino Gatins, CPA, MST   CONTROLLER

Angela Guarino Gatins joined Briar Meads Capital in 2019 as Controller. Angela has been in the accounting industry since graduating from St. John’s University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and earning her Master of Science in Taxation from Baruch College. Over the years she has worked for several large CPA firms, specializing in financial services and taxes for corporations, partnerships and high net worth individuals. Angela is a member of the American Institute of CPAs and the New York State Society of CPAs.

Briar Meads Capital ("BMC") is a private investment management firm that specializes in the acquisition of distressed loan assets in the United States. BMC targets assets that tend to be overlooked by institutional investors in the $25-75 million range. BMC's logical and structured approach in the analysis of the loan assets and their underlying collateral is atypical for assets of this size.

The company's emphasis is on areas with limited competition, particularly in small to mid-sized capital structures; this combined with the willingness to take advantage of new opportunities in specialized segments of the distressed debt market are essential to the overall approach.

Briar Meads Capital sources its investments through both off-market and traditional auction processes. We have strong relationships with sellers and are proud of our reputation to act quickly and honor our commitments. Combining our status within the loan buying community with our rigorous and disciplined approach to investing positions Briar Meads Capital as a leading loan investment platform.

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